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Bring Your Tithes into the Whorehouse

How could a Prosperity Doctrine make preachers millionaires, and no one question the morality of this doctrine? II Peter 2:3 indicates that because of people's covetousness, false prophets will be able to use feigned words to make merchandise of them.

Friends, you can see what we have in the pulpit in these last days. These are not preachers, but pimps! If you study the nature of a pimp, you can then understand the nature of the false preacher. A pimp is a weak, emaciated, effeminate man who, because of his own weak and perverted nature, has refused to be productive in his own right. Having no work ethic, he lives like a parasite and leach off of women who see themselves as rejected, lonely, and unable to function as whole people in society. Their assurance of his approval is directly linked to their ability to give him more wealth. They work themselves to death in order to bring him material possessions, presenting those things to him as their god.

This is the same spirit in the mind of the harlot church. People are being instructed to bring their tithe to the preacher in order to experience the manifold blessings of God. They are told that by confessing the Bible over their circumstances and chanting Scriptures, they will get a return on what they have sown into these false ministries. Consequently, we have millions of people being robbed while they wait for the multiplication of what was sown at the preacher’s footstool. They are not giving out of the joy of serving a loving God, they give only as some sort of down payment on what they hope will be a substantial monetary return.

If you sit in admiration of these false preachers, you are being taken for the longest ride in the history of the human race. You can see these telecasts all over the world as people run up to the steps of the altar dropping envelopes of money—money as seed faith offerings— so that they can receive back from that god. It is a travesty to watch people fill out checks and sign their names with the statement “Money cometh to me” over their signatures. In this way they give heed to the false doctrines being espoused by Leroy Thompson. In his book entitled, Money Cometh, Thompson states that as our covenant right, money comes to you based on the blood of Jesus acquiring prosperity for us through His death and resurrection.

At minimum, all of this doctrine is stupid! At maximum, it is insane! How many of you reading this book have fallen prey to the filth espoused by these teachers? Even now there may be something rising up in the inner most parts of your being that hates the truth of what I am saying. These ministers feel the same way. In order to protect the deceitfulness of their ways, they hide behind scriptures like “Touch not God’s anointed” or “Do God’s prophets no harm.” If something in you believes that I am judging ‘God’s anointed man for this hour,’ then something in you is bound to the devil. You need to be set free from a spell that was cast on your mind by a sorcerer and a warlock standing in the pulpits and calling themselves ambassadors of Christ. In reality, these men are workers of witchcraft and sorcerers of seduction sent from the devil.

One of the most tragic aspects of this Word of Faith movement is that most of the people involved have no idea about the end times, including the rise to power of the Antichrist to rule the world and the existence of a worldwide delusion and a ‘falling away’ from real Christianity. They are blinded by the very doctrine that claims to set them free. As they vigorously seek things to secure their position in this world, like wealth and prosperity, they lose the desire to end the world and see the Kingdom of God come online. The devil is preaching the world into the church so that they will be programmed to fight with him against God in the final battle. This is the ingenious strategy of a rebellious, fallen angel looking for a way to snuff out the longing of Jesus’ people for His appearing.

The Bible plainly says that Jesus will appear the second time to those who long for him with all of their hearts. He says you’ll find him if you seek for him with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. When you long for His appearing, He will manifest to you. Seeking the things of this world eliminates the appetite necessary to bring the revelation of Christ into your life. We are sitting in the midst of the greatest fall away in the history of mankind, and billions of souls worldwide have no idea what is going on. Their own greed, lust, and desire to have the things of this life choke off the Word and it becomes unfruitful to them. One of the things that choke off the word of God and make it unfruitful in your life is the “cares of this world” and what Jesus called “the deceitfulness of riches.”

Through prosperity teachings, you are being led as far away from Christ as the east is from the west. These delusions and false teachings are so evident in the Word of Faith movement that you would have to be almost biblically illiterate to believe them. This is why God says the whole foundation of this movement is built on silly women laden down with all kinds of diverse lusts, ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. The Prosperity market is comprised of people who don’t know or understand the Bible, and since they want “stuff” instead of Jesus, the ministers are able to make a fortune off of their greed and covetousness.

Your material possessions will not get you into heaven. As a matter of fact, Jesus told the rich man that if he were going to be made perfect, he would need to sell everything he owned and follow Him. Jesus knows what is in the heart of men. In most cases, those who possess an abundance of wealth, tend to trust in material things and not in God. How have we now changed the Gospel so that the riches are now seen as a sign-off on us following Christ? This is a no-brainer! It is time for those who desire Christ to wake up, follow him, and leave the false teachings of the Word of Faith alone. If the Lord blesses you financially, He will do it based on your level of maturity and your willingness to go forth and do His will at the expense of your own. God is not into hedonism; He is concerned with saving men’s souls from an eternal destruction. Beloved, please wake up.


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