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Are there any other books that you have written?

Excerpts from The Jesus Cult Book

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Unnatural Fruit

Does the fall of man really center around the eating of a piece of fruit like an apple? What happened in the Garden of Eden to cause the separation between God and man?

A Tower of Babel

Haw can all religions and denominations be valid avenues to God when there is so much disparity between them? If so, then why is there so much confusion between religions about who God is and what He wants from us?

Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church

What is the church of God? How does on identify the Body of Christ?

We Need the Nameless Servant

Is the Holy Spirit really necessary for today? What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers?

Bring Your Tithes into the Whorehouse

Are Christians supposed to tithe? Where does giving and the prosperity doctrine fit in relation to Scripture?

Are You the Perfect World Citizen?

You may have heard people say, "Don't be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good." Yet, God says that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God. What is the role of the Christian in relation to the world?


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