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Are You The Perfect World Citizen?

Now let’s look at what the final conflict will involve. The Spirit of Truth will fully come into your life to lead and guide you into all truth. Remember, Jesus said that you would know the truth and the truth would make you free. According to Jesus, truth is the liberator and essential weapon of war that releases our souls—so that we may be free. The logical question then becomes, “What has me bound?” I have found that if you read the Bible looking at the full extent of what is written, you will find the answers are in the Scriptures. If the truth makes me free, then a lie must be what has me bound. What Scripture characterizes this lie that binds mankind? It is the very lie Satan spoke to Eve, “You shall be as gods yourself knowing good and evil.” Since that moment, the force behind all bondage has been man’s religious attempt to become a god without acknowledging the True and Living God.

If truth is a freedom maker, then lies and fantasies must be a bondage maker. This bondage of lies is what God wants to release us from in these last days. All of our lives, we have accepted and perpetuated lies, fantasies, and hypocrisies so that we could fit into the world system (and many organizations). Even when the lies were obvious, we would go along with it so as not to ruffle anyone’s feathers or stir up controversy. From the time we were born, each of us has learned conformity to our environment. So now we have a bunch of religious people conforming to things seen on the physical plain and afraid to speak the truth because it will make them different from the world at large. Yet the devil rules the world at large, so when you conform to this environment, you are really conforming to the image of Satan.

The conflict arises when we begin to be transformed into the image of Christ, and refuse to bow down to the idols of religion and world systems, like governments, politics, educational institutions, and social clubs that are designed to make us conform to this world. This conflict is heightened by ‘the god of this world’ who does not want us liberated from his power and jurisdiction. Everyone must bear his or her own burden and decide whether to live bound by the lies of this world or seek the truth to be made free.

This generation has been taught political correctness, diversity, and tolerance, all under the guise of peaceful co-existence with everyone. Everything has been downgraded so that there are no longer any absolutes—only situational ethics. A lie is therefore not a lie if it accomplishes what I wanted it to accomplish! The ends justify the means. We see this at play when looking at the adulterous affair between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Although President Clinton boldly lied to the entire nation about the compromising position in which he placed himself, no one really reacted that strongly to it. You see, the wiles of the devil have taken over the thought patterns of the culture to where ‘political correctness’ has eroded away the normal standards of morality, virtue, honor, and dignity. Instead of these standards, we now have pervasive immorality, insatiability, and lust. People say, “Who are we to judge him and say it is wrong?” Perhaps this would be better stated, “How can I say anything against him when I am doing the same thing, or worse, in my own life?” We resist standing up for truth because our own deeds are evil. Yet we want to stand in church on Sunday and claim to be holy. Christians are trying to conform to society instead of confronting it, so that we will not have conflicts with the world. Now, multitudes are trapped in pseudo-churches with no power and no Godly discernment. The blind are leading the blind.

As a believer, the truth inside of you when released into the world becomes a major problem to these people. Eve, which means life, should have been a life support system to Adam, but instead became death. Now we see this reality reflected throughout society, as ‘the walking dead’ appear everywhere. Young boys full of death in the school systems are killing classmates and friends. Young women, instead of carrying life are converting their wombs into torture chambers, as their babies are pulled limb from limb or burned to death in their wombs. We also see these ‘spirits of death’ in the music industry as rappers, rock bands, and other musicians attempt to pervert all things that are righteous by propagating decadent, animalistic music. This kind of music has become mainstream and part of everyday life.

You see friends, the truth is the focal point of Scripture. In the end, Satan will come with delusions and lying wonders to those who will not receive truth. Right now it is funny, entertaining, and amusing, but sooner or later delusions and lies will captivate you, giving you a mind that cannot escape the tragedies of this world. Religion will have you drunk with lies, delusions, and satanic wonders; when God has provided you with eternal freedom through absolute truth. One of the characteristics of this harlot system of religion is that it makes its captives drunk with the wine of its fornication. A dizzying, hypnotic spell is being cast by this harlotry. People are getting so drunk in this system that they won’t even know they are on a locomotive headed down the tracks at 1,000 miles per hour on their way to the pit of hell!


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