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Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church

The Holy Ghost came on the scene at Pentecost, bringing the power of the Spirit on the Word of God that was sown in the disciples' hearts. Signs, wonders, and miracles soon followed, as the gifts of the Spirit went into full operation. The Church was born in a firestorm of power as God raised His Son to preeminence, glory, and majesty. This is the manifestation of Christ, and the actual demonstration of the power of God.

Signs, wonders, and miracles soon followed, as the gifts of the Spirit went into full operation. The Church was born in a firestorm of power as God raised His Son to preeminence, glory, and majesty. This allowed God’s Son to be clearly seen in a dark and sin-sick world; a world sick of religion, sick of the Pharisees and Sadducees, sick of Roman gods and other idols, and sick of all the dead works of man. In this moment, God breaks in upon humanity with explosive power to demonstrate the honor, majesty and dignity of His Son; to show man once and for all that Jesus Christ is not only the Son of man, but also the resurrected Son of God.

How could the Church be born and brought into manifestation with such visible power and centuries later we see a dead, dried up hull of a Church? There is currently very little power, if any. Instead, it has been replaced with entertainment, social programs, religious discussions and debates. Denominationalized and institutionalized, the Church stands today DEAD.

It is no longer a living organism expressing the life of God, but an organization reflecting the spiritual death of man. Man’s carnal, temporal, limited, concrete thinking has replaced the eternal, abstract, all-knowing, omnipotent mind of God. Limited by his own senses – what he thinks, sees, tastes, hears, smells, and touches – man has shackled the Church with his own mind. The Adamic fallen nature is being glorified. The creature is in the limelight at the expense of the Creator.

Man’s mind is always trying to find a way not to do the will of God by amusing himself in religion. But the book of Acts plainly shows God’s life as it openly manifests itself. The New Testament Church is the product of an organic life so powerful and complete that everything is consumed by it. Your will, mind, emotions, time, days and nights will be spent growing this organic life as you seek it fully and bring it into manifestation by nurturing and caring for it. The organic life is the structure of the true Church, the real Body of Christ.

When contrasted with present day religion, the Bible paints a stark reality. You can see a distinct difference between what is God and what calls itself God today. There is literally no way that current denominations can be of God. These are merely cults—religious organizations—mimicking the life of God. They are man-made entities founded on all kinds of make believe structures to replace a Holy God with man’s definition of God. Yet, this definition does not challenge man’s comfort zone; but keeps him earth, time, and space-centered which blocks God’s access to His creation. That’s why the Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.”

Meanwhile, man continues with an almost rabid desire to eradicate any evidence of God from the world; constituting no prayer, no convictions, and no right or wrong. Everything is now a gray area. We speak in terms of diversity, all-inclusiveness, and tolerance. We talk about being able to identify with every group; whether they are homosexual, lesbian or pedophile. Every perverse and bizarre behavior imaginable is now set forth as being normal. This is what happens when man walks away from what the Bible has plainly shown as God’s desire and replaces it with his own.


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