I Have Read The Jesus Cult, Now What Do I Do?

You Wanted to Know:

Is this a Christian Site?

Exactly what do you believe?

Why is the book named The Jesus Cult?

Why have you written this book?

Aren't we told not to judge others?

Is this a book against religious institutions?

Why should I read this book?

I have read the book, now what do I do?

Are there any other books that you have written?

Many of you having read The Jesus Cult have contacted us to say that the book served as confirmation for what the Lord has been speaking to your spirits. "Now what do I do?" you have asked. The answer is simple, "Get about the Father's business."

If God has enabled you to recognize the times that we are in, then He expects you to act. The church must awaken from its spiritual siesta because we don't have much time left! Make your calling and election sure by returning to the Bible as your primary source of revelation. Mortify (or put to death) your personal feelings and emotions about the Word of God. Let God be true and let every man be a liar. There is no time left to continue kidding ourselves. We need the manifest presence of God in our lives. When it comes down to it, are you willing to forsake everything to win the favor of Jesus Christ? This is the ultimate question.

God is planning one last sweep through the earth. He is going to raise up a remnant who will obey. Dry bones, according to Ezekiel, are those that will live one more time. He will bring the body together and fill it with His Spirit and send this body on a harvesting mission. God will send laborers into a world gone mad in order to draw into the Body of Christ people who are longing for truth and looking for life; people who have tried religion, and experienced its failure. In this hour, God is raising up a remnant church. A sickle is sweeping through the earth, harvesting and reaping the remaining elements of Christ's Body; bringing each person in to disciple and prepare them to leave here in the triumphant rapture. Prepare yourself to be a part of this move of God.

What is your role in this plan of God? How does He plan to use you in these times? What talents has He given you to put to use towards reaping this harvest? If you do not know the answers to these questions, then seek God until His will is made known to you.

Be encouraged, keep your eye single, put your hand to the plow, and never look back. As Jesus warned, remember Lot's wife.

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