You Wanted to Know:

Is this a Christian Site?

Exactly what do you believe?

Why is the book named The Jesus Cult?

Why have you written this book?

Aren't we told not to judge others?

Is this a book against religious institutions?

Why should I read this book?

I have read the book, now what do I do?

Are there any other books that you have written?

How to Order The Jesus Cult Book

The Jesus Cult is available for $15.95 + shipping and handling.

To order the book, please do one of the following:

* Visit the on-line Omega Ministries store.

* Call us toll-free at 1-866-31-Omega (1-866-316-6342)

* Mail a check or Money Order payable to Remnant Publishing House at:

Omega Ministries
P.O. Box 960146
Riverdale, GA 30296

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery


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